Ankylosaurus are passive mobs which are based on the real-life dinosaur Ankylosaurus . Like all other prehistoric reptiles of the mod, they do not spawn naturally in the world.

Appearance Edit

Ankylosaurus is a big herbivore that has massive knobs and plates of bone, known as osteoderms or scutes, embedded in the skin and a tail club that is used against the predators. to tame you have to be right next to them. There is currently no different textures for this dinosaur, but if you want one, go to Raptorfarian's texture pack for the mod.

Behavior Edit

Ankylosaurus had a behavior similar to mobs like pigs and cows, except that unlike them, they eat the leaves of trees and ancient ferns when they are hungry. They also can eat from the feeders and can be ordered with a stick if they are tamed . You can feed them automatically by giving them wheat, melons, apples, bread, or potatos.