Compsognathus (Meaning "Elegant Jaw") is a new addition to the mod. It lived during the late Jurassic period and was a close relative of "Archaeopteryx ".  They come from eggs just like all the other reptiles in the mod.

Info Edit

There are 2 subspecies:

  • The green subspecies.
  • The purple 'subspecies.'

The green subspecies spawns in forests, jungles & swamps and the purple subspecies only spawns in deserts.

Behaviour Edit

Compsognathus acts somewhat like a wolf or a raptor. They hunt in packs and will not attack the player, instead, they will flee. If any chickens are within range, compsognathus will group up and attack the chicken.

Compsognathus will eventualy learn how to use chests. If you put an chest into their enclosure you might get a chat message : A compsognathus has learned how to use chests. It is not known if they use chests yet

Compsognathus will breed rapidly. Babies are not always tamed unless you are whitin 6 blocks of an egg when it hatches.