Mosasaurus is a genus of mosasaur, carnivorous, aquatic lizards, somewhat resembling flippered crocodiles, with elongated heavy jaws . The name means "Meuse lizard", as the first specimen was found near the Meuse River (Latin Mosa + Greek sauros lizard). Since they are aquatic animals their eggs need to be placed in water.

Appearance Edit

Mosasaurus in this mod resembles the real-life Mososaurus . It has a dark red body, a beige underbelly, a crocodile-like head, claws on it's flippers and a red eyes . The egg must be placed in the water in order for it to hatch . It is the only fully aquatic reptile in this mod . When he is a fully grown (20 Minecraft days) he will be 14 block in length . 

Behavior Edit

Mosasaurus can't be tamed . They will attack any creature (players and other mosasaurus included) that is grateful enough to swim near his territory . It can't be hand-fed like any other dinosaur in this mod - you need to put a living Nautilus (or squids) in the water and they will eat it . They are able to fish for themselves, but they can't eat fish that they caught. This could be used to build a PvP moat, although you must try not to fall in (Mosasaurus get angry when players take there fish). They will die if they come in contact with fences. DO NOT USE FENCES FOR THEIR ENCLOSURE! When they come in contact with fences it will cause them to take a 4 block fall and it will cause them damage. Their habitat need to be submerged in water. Also a Mosasaurus will not eat squids until he/she is one day old. (These beasts can get along for a short time with other Mosasasaurus) These dinosaurs are often badly glitched, staying at the surface/bottom, not eating, among other problems.When angry, they will make a sonic ghast sound and will sometimes attack you. When you place the egg in water you will need to place it in the bottom, most people think to put it at a 1 block before air place, but that will not let you spawn. It will say,"This egg May not spawn here." If this happens, place the egg at the bottom of the water. Don't forget to make sure you have a deep whole and your area is at least a 40x35 territory. They get very big.