Pachycephalosaurus are neutral mobs based on the real-life dinosaur genus Pachycephalosaurus. Like all other prehistoric reptiles of the mod they do not spawn naturally in the world.Edit

Appearance Edit

Pachycephalosaurus is a big dinosaur that has a large, bony dome atop its skull. The dome's rear aspect was edged with bony knobs and short boners. This dinosaur has 3 subspecies:

  • The orange subspecies (shown Here) is the most common subspecies, It has an orange body and a black underbelly. It can be spawned in a desert biome, a forest biome, an extreme hills biome, or in a swamp biome.
  • The white subspecies has a white body and a black underbelly. It can only be spawned in a taiga biome.
  • The green subspecies has a green body and a slightly lighter underbelly. It can only be spawned in a forest biome.

Behaviour Edit

Pachycephalosaurus is a neutral mob and will not attack the player unless attacked first. When hostile they attack with their bony skulls dealing damage and knocking the player back. Tame them by staying near them (two blocks) when the egg hatches. When tamed they can be ordered with a stick. They will gravitate towards leaf blocks and will eat them if hungry, destroying the leaf blocks in the process. They can detect leaf blocks through walls and may become stuck trying to reach them, they also have a habit of getting stuck inside blocks and suffocating.