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Flying dino

They see me soaring. They hatin' Patrolling, trying to kill me ridin' a birdie

The Pterosaur is a neutral flying reptile, that is based off the real life pterosaur Pteranodon. Like all other prehistoric reptiles it can't naturally spawn in the world.


The Pterosaur is the only flying reptile in the mod. It has a yellow beak, purple body and a red line around it's neck. Currently they have no subspecies.

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When pterosaurs are tamed, they can be ordered with an arrow. When a Pterosaur is 6 Minecraft days old or more, it becomes ridable and can fly (though this ability has now been removed). You have to right-click it with an empty hand, and when you are on it use a whip to control it. to fly go up to a high place and jump. Once you jump use s to go up and left shift to go down. To get off you right click with an empty hand. Do note however: they have a tendency to glitch into blocks when they teleport to you, so be careful when going up cliffs.

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Pterosaurs can be fed by hand, and they currently eat Raw Fish, Cooked Fish, Cooked Nautilus (Or Sio-Chiu-Le), and Raw Chicken. They can also be fed wheat and appear to go into breeding mode but nothing will happen. They can be fed chicken essence to grow in age and size. You will have to feed them after though.