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Sabor-tooth Cat

Smilodon (aka Sabercat) -  is an extinct genus of saber tooth cats . It was one of the biggest (and also the best known) saber tooth cat in the world . They lived in North America 10,000 years ago . In the mod it resebles Smilodon fatalis .


German (edited):

Smilodon ist eine große Raubkatze . Er hat einige Orangen Fell, einen weißen Mann Bauch, dunkelbraunen Streifen auf der Rückseite, gelben Augen und einem Paar von sehr großer Reißzähne. WENN ES Smilodon, hat ein Erwachsener noch größere Zähne. Jetzt hat es keine Unterart.


Smilodon is a large predatory cat. It has some orange fur, a white man belly, dark brown stripes on the back, yellow eyes and a pair of very Great fangs. IF IT IS Smilodon, an adult still has bigger teeth. Now it has no subspecies.


Smilodon is a social animal - when one of them is attacked all of the neariest smilodons will protect their friend . When it's born it will not be tamed to a player . In order to tame it, you have to feed it milk (when it is a baby), and a raw meat. (when it is an adult) . When it's untamed it acts like a wolf. (can't be ordered to sit and will attack any kind of animals) It will attack pigs/cows/sheep when its untamed. When it's tamed it will act like a dog (will attack animals only if a player orders it, will follow player around and will sit when right-clicked) .  They can be obtained by right-clicking a sheep/pig/cow with a Smilodon Embryo or by breeding two adult smilodons with wheat.